Nurishment's TikTok Triumph: Boosting Brand Awareness and Enhancing Ad Recall

Client: Nurishment 

Regions: United Kingdom 

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully launched their first-ever TikTok campaign
  • Increased the ad recall lift by 78%


Nurishment, renowned for its protein shakes offering a boost for the common 3PM slump, faced the challenge of enhancing its brand awareness following a rebrand and packaging update. With four delicious flavours, Nurishment Milk Drinks sought to energise and rejuvenate their customers while also leaving a lasting impression.


The key challenge Nurishment faced was increasing brand awareness and enhancing ad recall lift among new and existing customers after a rebrand and packaging update. They needed an innovative approach to introduce their revamped brand effectively and leave a memorable impact.

Strategic Approach

To address Nurishment’s challenge, we launched their first-ever TikTok campaign, focusing on Generation Z and innovative content.

TikTok Campaign: We initiated Nurishment’s first TikTok campaign, targeting Generation Z to expand the brand’s reach among younger audiences.

Innovative Content: The campaign concentrated on creating innovative and engaging content to capture the attention of over 6 million potential customers and enhance their interaction with the revamped brand.

Performance Highlights

increase in ad recall lift
0 %

Successfully launched their first-ever TikTok campaign

Diversified Marketing Strategy: The TikTok campaign marked a significant milestone for Nurishment, being their first-ever venture on the platform. This successful launch expanded the brand’s reach into a younger demographic and further diversified their marketing strategy.

Engaging Gen Z: The innovative campaign led to a substantial 78% increase in ad recall lift over three months. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of engaging Generation Z on emerging platforms and the power of innovative content in enhancing brand awareness.


Our strategic approach effectively tackled Nurishment’s challenge, leading to a successful TikTok campaign and a significant increase in ad recall lift. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of exploring new platforms and targeting younger demographics to enhance brand awareness and forge a lasting impression. With Favoured now controlling Nurishment’s full digital advertising spend, we look forward to propelling the brand even further in its marketing journey.

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