Innovative Payment Solutions Take Flight: McLEAR's Remarkable Sales Success

Client: RingPay by McLEAR

Regions: UK and Global Market

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 3 
  • Sold over 30,000 rings in under 3 months  


McLEAR, a Japanese tech company, brought an innovative payment solution to the market RingPay. This is a wireless debit card in the form of a ring, coupled with a financial management app. Their challenge was to drive product sales and create a strong market presence through effective advertising and conversion rate optimisation.


McLEAR’s primary challenge was to drive sales of their innovative payment ring. In the competitive tech market, the company required a robust advertising strategy and effective conversion rate optimisation efforts to engage potential customers and facilitate the purchasing process.

Strategic Approach

We adopted a strategic mix of targeted advertising campaigns and meticulous conversion rate optimisation efforts to address McLEAR’s challenge.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Our approach involved the creation and implementation of advertising campaigns specifically designed to capture the interest of potential customers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Efforts: Alongside the targeted advertising, we focused on optimising the conversion rate, streamlining the purchasing process to facilitate sales.

Performance Highlights

Roas Achieved
0 +
rings sold in under 3 months
0 +

Targeted Campaigns: Our comprehensive strategy led to significant scaling in campaign profitability, achieving a ROAS of over 3. This signifies the effectiveness of our targeted advertising campaigns in generating profitable returns.

Effective Marketing Strategy: In less than three months, we were able to sell over 30,000 rings, completely selling out the first wave of the product. This accomplishment showcases not only the market demand for innovative payment solutions but also the effectiveness of our marketing and sales strategies.


Our strategic approach effectively addressed McLEAR’s challenges, resulting in improved ROAS and substantial sales. The notable achievements underscore the effectiveness of targeted advertising and conversion rate optimisation in driving sales and establishing a strong market presence for innovative products.

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