Transforming Luna Daily: Strategic Marketing for Remarkable Sales Growth

Client: Luna Daily

Regions: UK and Global Market

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved a 4,055% increase in ad spend
  • Witnessed a 1,035% increase in sales Quater-on-Quater (QoQ)
  • Managed a 25% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Month-on-Month (MoM)


Luna Daily, an e-commerce brand, sought to scale its online sales while maintaining profitability. With a need for an expanded advertising outreach and boosted sales, Luna Daily also sought to decrease its CPA for a balanced and sustainable growth trajectory.


Luna Daily faced the challenge of substantially increasing its online sales while concurrently maintaining profitability. The brand required a significant boost in its advertising efforts to reach more potential customers and achieve sustainable growth, all while managing to reduce CPA costs.

Strategic Approach

To meet Luna Daily’s challenges, we implemented a full-funnel performance marketing strategy encompassing advertising, influencer partnerships, email marketing, and creative optimisation.

Expanding Advertising Campaigns: We focused on expanding Luna Daily’s reach through targeted and broad-spectrum advertising campaigns.

Influencer Collaborations: By leveraging influencer partnerships, we aimed to amplify brand awareness and drive more traffic to Luna Daily’s e-commerce platform.

Optimising Email Communications: To drive conversions, we optimised email communications, making it an effective tool for nurturing leads and encouraging purchases.

Performance Highlights

increase in ad spend
0 %
increase in sales QoQ
0 x
decrease in CPA Mom
0 %

Successful Scaling: Our strategic initiatives led to a noteworthy surge in ad spend by an impressive significantly expanding Luna Daily’s advertising reach to potential customers.

Efficient Full-Funnel Strategy: Concurrently, Luna Daily witnessed a substantial QoQ sales growth of 1,035%, exemplifying the effectiveness of our full-funnel marketing strategy in driving revenue. We also successfully decreased Luna Daily’s CPA by 25% MoM, illustrating the improved cost efficiency of our approach in acquiring new customers.


Our comprehensive full-funnel performance marketing strategy effectively addressed Luna Daily’s challenges, resulting in significant increases in ad spend and sales, along with a decrease in CPA. These remarkable achievements underscore the effectiveness of our approach in expanding brand reach, driving sales, and improving cost-effectiveness for sustainable growth.

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