Optimising Lucero's User Acquisition: Enhancing Click to Install Rate by 130%

Client: Lucero

Regions: United States 

Key Achievements:

  • Improved Click to Install rate by 130%
  • Increased active users by 40%
  • Decreased Cost per Acquisition (CPA) by 35%


Lucero, a gamified self-care app for tweens, teens, and caregivers, was looking to grow its user base significantly. They aimed to enhance their app installation numbers, improve the Click to Install rate, and reduce the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) to make their campaigns more cost-effective.


Lucero’s primary challenge was the growth of its user base. Specifically, they wanted to increase the number of app installations, enhance the Click to Install rate, and reduce CPA to ensure that their campaigns were cost-effective.

Strategic Approach

 We undertook an in-depth analysis of user behaviour data and used the insights to reimagine the marketing strategy.

In-depth User Behaviour Analysis: Our approach involved a detailed examination of various aspects of user behaviour, including their engagement with the app, peak usage times, and favourite features. This analysis provided a deep understanding of how to tailor the marketing approach for enhanced effectiveness.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy: Based on the analysis, we reimagined Lucero’s marketing strategy to better connect with their key demographic and communicate the unique value proposition of the app effectively.

Performance Highlights

improvement of click to install rate
0 %
increase of active users
0 %
decrease in CPA
0 %

Increase in App Installs: Our revamped user acquisition campaign strategy resulted in a remarkable improvement in Lucero’s Click to Install rate, which increased by 130%. This led to a substantial boost in app installations, demonstrating the effectiveness of our data-driven approach.

Cost-Effective Campaign: Simultaneously, we significantly reduced Lucero’s CPA by 35%, making the campaign more cost-effective. This reduction in CPA, combined with the increase in active users by 40%, underscores the efficiency and effectiveness of the revised marketing strategy.


Our in-depth analysis of user behaviour and revamped marketing strategy effectively addressed Lucero’s challenges, significantly improving the Click to Install rate and reducing the CPA. The substantial increase in active users further demonstrates the success of our approach. These achievements highlight the value of a data-driven strategy in enhancing user acquisition and making campaigns more cost-effective.

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