Scaling Jafa: An Efficient Performance Marketing Strategy Drives App Growth and User Engagement

Client: Jafa

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved over 40,000 app installs with a cost under £1 per install at scale
  • Reduced Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 48% 
  • Raised over £300K in crowdfunding
  • Exited to analytics company


Jafa, an app dedicated to football enthusiasts, aimed to rapidly expand its user base and increase engagement among existing users. With ambitions to scale quickly while ensuring user retention and increased app usage, Jafa sought the expertise of Favoured to meet these objectives.


Jafa’s primary challenge was to grow its user base quickly while maintaining and increasing engagement among existing users. The goal was not only to attract new users but also to ensure the retention and active involvement of the existing user base, precipitating a vibrant and engaged community of football fans.

Strategic Approach

We adopted a performance marketing strategy, focusing on acquiring users with a high propensity for engagement.

User Acquisition: Our strategy focused on attracting football fans likely to demonstrate sustained interest and activity within the app. This precise targeting was designed to efficiently acquire users who would contribute to a vibrant and active Jafa community.

User Retention: In addition to attracting new users, efforts were also concentrated on engaging the existing user base. This dual focus ensured a balanced approach to user growth and engagement, essential for the sustainable growth of the app.

Performance Highlights

appp installs with a cost under £1 per install at scale
0 +
decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
0 %
increase in active users
0 %

Increase in New and Active Users: Our focused performance marketing strategy resulted in over 40,000 app installs at a cost of under £1 per install at scale. In addition to attracting new users, our strategy also significantly enhanced user engagement and retention. This was evidenced by a 48% decrease in CPA and a 65% surge in active users, demonstrating heightened user engagement with the app.

Crowdfunding Success: The successful implementation of our strategy was also reflected in Jafa’s crowdfunding success, raising over £300K. This outcome not only showed strong market confidence in Jafa but also facilitated the successful exit of the app to an analytics company.


Our efficient performance marketing strategy successfully drove Jafa’s growth and user engagement. The significant increase in app installs, reduction in CPA, and surge in active users demonstrate the effectiveness of our targeted acquisition and retention strategy. The success of the crowdfunding campaign and the subsequent exit to an analytics company signifies the market’s confidence in Jafa and its appeal to football enthusiasts.

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