Hitting the Jackpot: How Favoured Powered Hijingo to Game-Changing Success

Client: Hijingo

Regions: London, United Kingdom 

Key Achievements:  

  • Fully booked events
  • 9% increase in repeat patronage
  • 18% growth in average order value


Hijingo offers a reimagined bingo experience that’s leagues ahead of traditional ones. With an exciting blend of live entertainment, dazzling lights, high-energy music, and the thrill of winning big prizes, Hijingo has redefined the game of bingo. Added to the mix are tasty food and drink options, special events and more, making it an unforgettable social outing.


Even with a unique entertainment portfolio, Hijingo faced challenges in standing out in the competitive entertainment market. The aim was to increase event bookings, enhance customer loyalty, and boost the overall spending per visit.nce.

Strategic Approach

To tackle these challenges, we put an action plan into motion:

Dynamic Marketing Campaign: An energetic marketing campaign was launched, blending organic efforts with targeted advertising to spark interest across diverse audience groups.

Influencer Partnerships: Collaborations were initiated with influencers to extend the reach and impact of the marketing efforts.

Email Marketing and Creative Content: Engaging email marketing campaigns and fresh creative content across multiple channels helped captivate and engage the audience.

Performance Highlights

increase in repeat patronage
0 %
growth in average order value
0 %


Creative Content: Favoured pulled out all the stops in making Hijingo the go-to destination for an electrifying experience. The dynamic marketing campaign, coupled with influencer partnerships, worked like a charm, creating a buzz that got people flocking to Hijingo’s doors. The proof? Event after event was marked as fully booked!

Full Funnel Marketing: It’s one thing to attract customers to Hijingo, and another to make them return for more. That’s where our finely tuned email marketing and creative content strategies kicked in. By maintaining regular, engaging contact with existing clients and providing compelling fresh content, we were able to create a loyal customer base. The result was a 9% spike in repeat patronage, a testament to Hijingo’s consistent appeal.


The partnership between Hijingo and Favoured proved to be a game-changer. By effectively blending various marketing strategies and targeting a diverse audience, Hijingo not only managed to fully book events but also recorded a significant increase in customer loyalty and spending per visit. This success story goes to show that with the right strategy and creative execution, brands can stand tall in a competitive market, carving out a unique niche for themselves.

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