Mastering the Market: The Roadmap to Happier's Rapid Growth

Client: Happier

Regions: UK and Global Market

Key Achievements:

  • 56% Increase in Ad Spend MoM
  • 290% Increase in Sales MoM
  • 33% Decrease in CPA MoM


Happier is an emerging brand in the beauty industry that is committed to offering quality products. Their mission is to provide customers with beauty products that bring joy while maintaining high standards of sustainability and affordability.


Happier aimed to extend its market presence and stimulate sales growth in a highly competitive beauty landscape, marked by rapidly changing consumer tastes. The challenge lay in effectively reaching and engaging the target audience and optimising marketing efforts to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Strategic Approach

To confront these challenges, Favoured crafted a comprehensive strategy:

Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy: Favoured executed a full-funnel marketing strategy for Happier, covering all aspects from advertising to customer retention.

Influencer Collaborations: Leveraged partnerships with influencers to extend brand reach and resonate with the target audience.

Email Marketing: Engaged customers through strategic email communications, fostering a strong relationship with the brand.

Creative Content Development: Developed compelling creative assets tailored to the audience’s preferences to enhance brand appeal.

Performance Highlights

Increase in Ad Spend MoM
0 %
Increase in Sales MoM
0 %
Decrease in CPA MoM
0 %

Amplified Marketing Investment: Happier’s commitment to growth was reflected in a significant 56% MoM rise in ad spend. This increase signified an aggressive marketing push, as the brand ramped up investments to draw in more customers.

Soaring Revenue Growth: Happier’s strategic efforts were rewarded with a tremendous sales growth of 290% MoM. This result signified an extraordinary surge in revenue and demonstrated the brand’s successful customer acquisition strategy.

Enhanced Acquisition Efficiency: Even while boosting sales, Happier succeeded in optimising cost efficiency. They managed to lower their cost per acquisition (CPA) by a substantial 33% MoM, demonstrating the brand’s ability to attract new customers while keeping costs in check.


Happier’s partnership with Favoured led to impressive results, from enhanced market presence to substantial sales growth and more efficient customer acquisition. The strategic approach, marked by a comprehensive full-funnel marketing strategy fused with influencer collaborations, email marketing, and creative content development, proved instrumental in achieving key business goals in a competitive market landscape. This success story epitomises how a well-crafted, robust strategy can drive growth in the competitive beauty industry.

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