Scaling Heights with Multi-Channel Marketing and Content Strategy for Go Ape USA

Client: Go Ape USA

Regions: United States

Key Achievements: 

  • Increased ROAS by 45%
  • Reduced CPA by 31%
  • Boosted social media engagement by 29%


Go Ape USA aimed to enhance its return on advertising spend (ROAS), reduce cost per acquisition (CPA), and boost social media engagement. Achieving these goals required a robust, multi-channel advertising strategy integrated with creative content that resonated with their adventurous target audience.


Go Ape USA faced the challenge of improving its ROAS and reducing the CPA while also increasing engagement on their social media platforms. Achieving these goals necessitated a comprehensive strategy that blended robust multi-channel advertising with creative, engaging content.

Strategic Approach

We adopted a robust multi-channel advertising strategy and complemented it with creative content creation on organic social platforms.

Robust Multi-Channel Advertising Strategy: Our approach involved a multi-channel advertising campaign to reach and engage the target audience effectively, thereby improving ROAS and reducing CPA.

Creative Content Creation: Alongside the advertising campaign, we focused on creating engaging, adventurous content for social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This aimed to resonate with the target audience and boost social media engagement.

Performance Highlights

increase in ROAS
0 %
decrease in CPA
0 %
increase in social media engagement
0 %

Engaging the Target Audience: Our robust multi-channel advertising campaign resulted in a significant increase in ROAS by 45% and a reduction in CPA by 31%. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of our approach in reaching and engaging the target audience while improving cost-effectiveness.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Complementing our advertising campaign, our adventurous content resonated with the audience, leading to multiple viral videos and boosting social media engagement by 29%. These results underscore the success of our integrated marketing and content strategy in enhancing Go Ape USA’s brand visibility and engagement.


Our robust multi-channel advertising strategy and creative content approach addressed Go Ape USA’s challenges effectively, improving ROAS, reducing CPA, and boosting social media engagement. These achievements underscore the effectiveness of integrating robust advertising with engaging content to resonate with the target audience, thereby enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

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