Revolutionising FemTech marketing.

The Favoured way.

Find out how Favoured used performance marketing for Elvie, to decrease the average CPA by over 60% and increase sales by over 900%



Elvie is a FemTech startup based in London. Their innovative Elvie Trainer product has revolutionised the way women can train their pelvic floor, by creating the worlds first connected kegels trainer.

This has helped tens of thousands of women world-wide who suffer from urinary conditions, post-partem recovery and those looking to improve their sex lives and have stronger orgasms.

The Problem

After a successful launch and some PR traction, the direct sales from the website had begun to decline. Advertising was not performing, meaning the campaigns were not ROI positive. With this being one of the most important channels for driving sales, it was evident that this needed to be fixed, and quickly.

The Solution

Favoured developed a multi-channel performance marketing strategy with the goal of identifying the top performing themes, creatives, copy, audiences and channels.

After weeks of rigorous testing, we found the formula for scaling to maximising sales at the best possible price.

We also worked closely with the internal team to identify ways to increase the conversion rate on the website. We always believe that it’s better to increase conversion rates than it is to spend on more on advertising.

This combined with a streamlined delivery of new and fresh creatives gave us the edge when it came to advertising and making sure we could decrease the CPAs. Then we scaled up to increase conversions, and boost sales!

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