Auro's Growth Triumph: Reducing Cost Per Sign-Up by 44%

Client: Auro

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Reduced the cost per sign-up by 44%
  • Improved the percentage of users moving to an annual plan by 20%
  • Successfully executed an exit to a national gym chain


Auro, a player in the competitive fitness industry, grappled with fluctuating conversion rates and seasonal demand variations. Recognising the need for a nuanced marketing approach, Auro sought to achieve a more stable and cost-effective user acquisition strategy.


Auro’s primary challenges were managing fluctuating conversion rates and the variations in demand dictated by seasonality. The objective was not only to stabilise these variables but also to improve the cost-effectiveness of user acquisition in the competitive fitness industry.

Strategic Approach

Our approach to address these challenges involved crafting a multi-channel advertising campaign and refining the web funnel for conversion rate optimisation.

Multi-Channel Advertising Campaign: We developed a tailored campaign with precise segmentation and bidding strategies, emphasising reach and cost-per-mille (CPM). This strategy aimed to attract potential users more effectively and efficiently.

Conversion Rate Optimisation for Web Funnel: Leveraging behavioural analysis from site recordings, we gained insights that facilitated the refinement of the user journey. This focus on conversion rate optimisation aimed to enhance sign-ups in a cost-effective manner.

Performance Highlights

reduction in cost per sign-up
0 %


increase of users enrolling in the annual plan

Multi-Channel Approach: Our strategic approach led to a substantial reduction in the cost per sign-up, achieving a 44% decrease. This improvement significantly enhanced the efficiency of Auro’s marketing efforts, underlining the effectiveness of a tailored multi-channel approach and conversion rate optimisation.

Targeted Advertising: The culmination of these strategic moves was Auro’s successful exit to a national gym chain. This marked a significant milestone in Auro’s growth trajectory, illustrating the potential of targeted advertising and data-driven web optimisation within competitive markets.


The tailored multi-channel advertising campaign and data-driven web funnel optimisation effectively addressed Auro’s challenges, reducing the cost per sign-up significantly and improving user acquisition. The successful exit to a national gym chain underscores the impact of our strategic approach, demonstrating its capacity to navigate competitive markets and drive business growth.

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