Boosting Atavist's Market Stand: From Brand Establishment to Soaring Recurring Revenue

Client: Atavist 

Regions: Global Market

Key Achievements:

  • Increased ROAS from 1 to 4
  • Boosted conversion rate by 60%
  • Surged recurring revenue by 130%


Atavist, a company dedicated to combating the impacts of our changing environment on physicality and hormonal profiles of men, sought to establish its brand in the competitive supplement market. With a product designed to support testosterone levels, the brand harnessed the insights of endocrinologists and recent studies to combat the adverse effects of modern environmental challenges.


Atavist faced the dual challenge of making a mark in the competitive male supplement market while increasing sales and recurring revenue. They needed a strategy that not only brought them into the spotlight but also drove conversions and fostered customer loyalty..

Strategic Approach

We swiftly put into motion strategies aimed at increasing revenue and improving recurring revenue through subscriptions.

Rigorous Testing: To optimise conversions, we undertook rigorous testing of various bundle offers and pricing models, tailoring them to customer behaviour and preferences.

Focus on Recurring Revenue: Our approach was geared towards improving recurring revenue, offering competitive and enticing subscription packages to encourage customer loyalty.

Performance Highlights

increase in conversion rate
0 %
increase in recurring revenue
0 %

Tailored Strategies: Our strategic approach resulted in a significant increase in ROAS, soaring from 1 to 4. This denotes the effectiveness of our tailored strategies in achieving a high return on ad spend. We also accomplished a significant boost in conversion rate, improving it by 60%. This achievement shows our ability to drive sales in a highly competitive market effectively.

Customer Loyalty: Our focus on fostering customer loyalty led to a remarkable 130% surge in recurring revenue, indicating the success of our subscription packages in maintaining a solid customer base.


By swiftly implementing targeted strategies, we successfully navigated Atavist’s challenges, achieving a remarkable improvement in ROAS, conversion rate, and recurring revenue. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of rigorous testing and a focus on customer loyalty in enhancing brand visibility, driving sales, and fostering customer loyalty in a highly competitive market.

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