META Goes All-In on Automation with Advantage+

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META, the leading provider of AI-powered marketing automation software, has announced a new product called Advantage+. Advantage+ is an AI-powered sales and marketing acceleration platform that provides users with real-time intelligence on their target market. The product launch comes on the heels of META’s recent acquisition of AdTech startup Klarity.

Advantage+ is designed to help users increase sales and reduce the cost of customer acquisition. The platform delivers real-time market insights that help users make better decisions about where to allocate resources. In addition, Advantage+ automates many of the processes that are traditionally associated with sales and marketing, including lead generation, email marketing, and lead nurturing.

The product launch is a direct response to the growing demand for marketing automation solutions that can keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. “We’re seeing a lot of interest in marketing automation from startups and small businesses who don’t have the time or resources to keep up with the latest changes in digital marketing,” said META CEO Evelyn Hoover in a recent interview. “Advantage+ was created to give our customers a competitive advantage by providing them with real-time market intelligence and automating many of their sales and marketing tasks.”

How Advantage+ Works

Advantage+ is powered by Klarity’s proprietary AI technology, which enables it to provide users with real-time market insights. The platform aggregates data from multiple sources, including social media, news outlets, and research reports. It then uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract insights from this data and deliver them to users in an easy-to-understand format.

In addition to providing market intelligence, Advantage+ also automates many of the tasks associated with sales and marketing. For example, the platform can be used to generate leads, send email campaigns, and nurture leads through the sales funnel. All of these features are designed to help users save time and money while increasing sales.

You Need To Be On This

If you’re looking for a competitive advantage in today’s digital marketplace, you need a marketing automation solution that can keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. META’s new product, Advantage+, is powered by AI-driven market intelligence and automation tools that will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Check it out today!


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