Content Services

Favoured focus on delivering performance-driven content which ensures a data-driven approach to everything we create. It ensures that your content evolves to best meet your user’s requirements and offers you the optimum route to achieving success.

We aim to offer your business the optimum ROI by ensuring that every piece of content we create and every word we write has a justification. We plan, we design, we create, we measure and we optimise. This ensures that we can achieve operational performance and construct an accurate strategy built on insights.

How do you create performance-driven content?


It all starts with a plan, which includes agreeing on specific objectives or goals, followed by an assessment of the current performance and competition in the market. Using this information, we can then define what the new content will look like, KPI’s, build a scope and list of requirements and define a testing strategy.


We then get to work designing an experience which fits the bill, whether this is a long-form piece of content for a set of social media posts, it’s tailored to your desired purpose. Once we’ve built the content to meet the requirements of the experience design, we then ensure that it’s all tagged correctly to ensure we can track its effectiveness.


The content is then published and distributed on the relevant channels. Later down the line, we assess data collected through analytics, listening tools, feedback and input from A/B testing to build a picture of how the content performed in line with the specified objectives.


Using the results from the experience, we can advise, plan and create further tailored content based on metrics and data feedback, to ensure optimum effectiveness every single time. As we collect more information about how your users interact and engage with content, we build a more in-depth picture of the best way to push engagement rates up every time we create something new.

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