What is video and motion graphics?

Video has the capability to captivate the attention of your audience more than any other medium. People love video, with the average viewer able to recall 95% of messaging that is communicated through video. Through combining sound, text and moving imagery, you can evoke an emotional response from your viewer and drive a strong engagement with your brand.

Why does my business need video and motion graphics?

Videos allow you to tell stories in a highly effective format. Information is overly more accessible and digestible by a range of audiences, making it easier to understand. Integrating video into your social media strategy is a highly effective way to reach and engage with your audience, with the benefits fo video being prioritised over all other mediums on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Around 1.9 billion people log in to YouTube every month, so it’s no surprise that brands are increasingly focussing their efforts on building premium quality video content to better engage with users and customers to enhance their visibility.

Video isn’t just about creating videos to entertain, it offers so much more scope, which can be scaled and moulded to fit any industry. Whether you need a video to educate and explain a new process to an internal team, demonstrate how to use a product to customers or boost your brand trust through expert interviews, there’s an solution to suit any business requirement.


What's included in this service?


Show them how it’s done with a demo video. It could be an unboxing, a tour of software or testing the usability of a product – whatever it is you need to say, say it with video.

Testimonials and interviews

Interviewing employees or working with happy customers to create testimonials add an expert edge toy our brand. Build authority by showing your stakeholders exactly what you can do and achieve.


Get your audience really engaged in why they need your product or service, with an explainer video which breaks it down into core problems and how your service helps them overcome them.


If you’re looking to explain a concept, breaking it down into a simple animation can help your customers more accurately understand, and as a result build trust in your brand.

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