What is search marketing?

Search marketing is the methodology of obtaining traffic through search engines, primarily Google. It includes organic and paid placements, known as SEO and SEM, respectively. Both have pros and cons but work best when married together in one holistic strategic approach.

It can be confusing the wrap your head around these practices, but, whether you’re looking to boost your visibility or get your new product in front of customers quickly, we’ll work closely with your to find the optimum search marketing solution.

Why does my business need search marketing?

Search marketing allows you to reach your audience in the right place at the right time. During a research phase, your customers are seeking out information which will in some way influence action on their part. This might be engaging with a company or making a purchase, but either way, you should want to be the top of the search engine results to increase the likelihood of the user clicking through to your site.


What's included in this service?


Through onsite and offsite content, technical research and implementation and tailored organic search campaigns we’ll build a bespoke strategy to boost your visibility in the SERP’s.

PPC, Social Media Ads & Google Ads

We’ll work with you to optimise your account, build highly relevant landing pages and ad copy and develop a tailored strategy to ensure your ads are well within Ad Rank quality thresholds.


We utilise our in house PR team to obtain placements on relevant publications, build good quality links and boost your brand presence, supporting the growth of your online visibility.

Measuring and reporting

It’s important to analyse the impact of what we’ve done in order to regularly adapt and improve our approach, that’s why we periodically report on our efforts and amend strategies to ensure we’re always striving for better.

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