What is long-form content?

Long form content is typically over around 1,000 words and has the core aim to provide the user with more information to ensure that they are able to fully answer their question or query.

Although some will argue that people are less engaged with long-form copy now, there are still a significant number of opportunities where it really shines, offering the opportunity to build sales leads and capture customer information.

Why does my company need long-form content?

Long-form copy comes in a number of forms, from ebooks to guides to white papers, each with their own use. This material is often gated and is used as a lead generation activity in order to capture the personal contact information of a user and often to add them to a mailing list.

A long-form piece of copy can reinforce your brand trust by demonstrating your knowledge alongside the willingness to give this away for ‘free’ or in exchange for an email address.

It should also include evidence to back-up your claims or instructions, such as a how-to guide which is reinforced by a number of case studies and testimonials from your previous projects. The longer-form allows you to best tell the story of the journey from start to finish, without missing out key details.


What's included in this service?


An ebook is often designed to provide a further educational asset to your customers or users, it allows you to establish your expertise in your relevant field, and offers an opportunity to generate leads.

Case studies

Case studies are a great way of demonstrating how you’ve added value to other companies. By demonstrating tangible results you can add more value to your offering and clearly display your capabilities in terms of results.

White papers

Whitepapers are persuasive and informative reports which aim to provide a complete solution to an issue. They aim to educate the audience through considered educational language typically through a specific methodology. They’re perfect for capturing leads but should not be a product pitch in disguise.


An interview allows you the opportunity to demonstrate your internal knowledge to your customers and stakeholders. Whether you interview the CEO or an employee working on the ‘frontline’ the point is to demonstrate service quality and build a reputation built on the human resources in your business.

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