What is copywriting?

Although an image lead approach may look fantastic, words are still exceptionally important, particularly when trying to build any kind of visibility online. Copywriting is often used to promote, educate and engage an audience, but it doesn’t need to be packed with sales messages to be effective.

In fact, creative copywriting has quickly become a firm favourite with brands around the world, identifying it’s clear ability to engage more effectively with a variety of audiences. It’s all about determining a purpose and building the right kind of copy to fit the needs of your audience.

Why does my business need copywriting?

Copy is a way of engaging with your audience, and in particular, it can offer significant benefits when trying to establish an identity and visibility online. Whether you need email marketing material, social media posts or blog posts to sit on your website, you’ll need the skills of a seasoned copywriter to support the creation.

To determine what type of copywriting service you require, it’s worth pinpointing what your specific objectives are. What do you want to happen as an outcome of this copywriting activity? This will then help you decipher which service you need whilst ensuring that your copywriter has a clear understanding of your desired output.


What's included in this service?


Sales copy is used to appeal to audiences and encourage them to convert in some way, whether this is to make a purchase or inquire about a service, your core aim is often to get them to hand over information or money. It requires the synthesis of information into a more user-friendly piece of copy, which is written with a complete understanding of the audience and placement. The key is to target people with a problem which can be solved by your product or service, without sounding overly salesy.


If you need to communicate a message, event or product launch to the press, the clearest way to do this is through a press release or statement. Clarity in communication is key here, in order to portray your brand in a positive light and ensure our best possible chance of the piece being picked up by the press. A neutral and journalistic approach teamed with a skew in favour of the company is crucial when creating press material.


A creative approach to copywriting requires a mindset that understanding the psychology of buyers and what is truly memorable to them. Understanding the target buyer or user is of the utmost importance when devising creative copy, as this is typically designed to be used to tell your brand story, create slogans and build differentiation between your brand and your competitors.

Web content

Whether you have a new site or are refreshing an exciting once, tailored website copy is critical to ensuring an effective and engaging user experience. Informative blog psots, custom service pages and unique brand storytelling are important to gain your customer’s support. Through combining elements from SEO, technical, sales and creative writing, your website can become an insightful place that encourages returnvisits and customer loyalty.

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