What are branding guidelines?

Your customers aren’t just buying a product or service, they’re also buying into your brand so consistency is key. In order to inspire customer loyalty and build familiarity, there must be continuity across all areas of the brand, without distorting it.

Identity guidelines explore the core of your brand and communicate the values, voice, usage and mission of your company. From tone of voice to colour palettes and everything in between, your bespoke brand guidelines will represent everything that makes you unique.

Why does my company need branding guidelines?

These guidelines are important for a company as it informs all areas of the business on how their operations align with the overarching company view, establishes clear messaging through tone of voice and supports in building the character of the brand.

It allows anyone who enters or communicates with the company to immediately understand what the brand represents and removes any chance of confusion. This document allows you to easily educate stakeholders in the importance of your brand identity, ensuring that any person working within or associated with the company, at any touchpoint, is working to the same objective, ensuring a holistic approach.


What's included in this service?

Mission and vision

A clear definition of the company, the objectives and the approach to reaching them, as well as an overview of where you want your company to be in the future, the desired outcome or a description of your goal.

Tone of voice

How will you speak to your different stakeholders? Do you have an industry standard or are you looking to break the mould?

Branding usage

How should these guidelines be used in different situations i.e. press coverage vs social media.

Media pack

An overview of your brand story, key fact sheet and boilerplate to use when communicating with journalists and the media

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