What is brand development?

In order to strengthen your potential in the market, you should have an established brand identity. This includes a logo, a standardised set of fonts to be used in your marketing communications, colour schemes and palettes and a ‘look and feel’ brand standard document.

This ensures consistency across all stakeholder communications and interactions and supports in building brand familiarity and trust over your competitors. Whether it’s branding for a company or a new product, there should be a standardised approach to ensure that the vision is effectively communicated visually.

Why does my company need brand development?

Differentiating your company through your branding can be a great way to set yourself apart from the competition in your industry. Through a unique brand identity, your brand can stand out from the crowd and allow you to build positive associations within your consumer-base.

From startups to big name brands, every company needs a brand identity. Visual branding materials are important as they help you effectively position yourself in the market build visibility. This can lead to increased trust, recognition, association and a higher rate of sales or engagement.


What's included in this service?


Your brand or products visual representation needs to be memorable and reflect what you do. There’s no set way to create your logo, so we’ll find the best approach to synthesising who you are into visuals.

Colour palettes

Colour can have a bit effect on emotions, we develop colour palettes which are specific, appropriate and representative of how you want to communicate with your customers.

Fonts and typography

Fonts and typography might be reflective of your logo and adopt a similar shape of the style. They should be complementary and limited to up to three options, which are legible and cohesive.

Imagery and filters

The images you choose to use can help effectively communicate a brand story to your consumers. Even if you have to lean on stock imagery more than you’d like, you should still have a filter which makes it more aligned with your brand.

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