TigerWit:Building a brand
from the ground up.

The Favoured way.

Learn how Favoured combined performance marketing & premium creative to launch the TigerWit app globally.

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TigerWit is a trading app built on the blockchain.  Their innovative solution allows for greater transparency within the space.

Originally started in China, TigerWit aimed to launch onto the Western market and dominate with their mix of sharp visuals, clean app design and best in class trading technology.

Being built on the blockchain meant transactions could be performed faster and safer, and was a world first for trading apps. Leveraging the blockchain meant that TigerWit have a real edge on the rest of the competition. 

With a real edge, the problem was not the app, but the brand itself.

The Problem

TigerWit’s technology was launching globally in September 2018 in line with a Liverpool Football club sponsorship, so it was important that we didn’t miss the start of the season for launch.  The problem was that they only have 4 month’s to completely refresh the brand, develop the UX for the app and plan a multi-million pound marketing plan.

The app as it stood at the outset of the project worked in terms of tech stac, but was lacking in visual finesse. Also, whilst TigerWit had established itself in China as a trusted brand, this brand work was non-existent outside of the eastern territories.

As well as all the brand work, TigerWit had no clear messaging planned for their target markets, and no clear western tone of voice or positioning within an already crowded landscape.

The Solution

By combining Favoured’s marketing and creative experience, we were able to support on many fronts to make sure the launch aligned with the Liverpool Football Club sponsorship.  

First stop was positioning and messaging, during which Favoured came up with TigerWit’s now synonymous ‘Trading. Evolved.’ tagline.

Production then went into overdrive as we planned their multi-million-pound budget, whilst brainstorming their paid social creative and banners, and designing new colour schemes and UX.

This accelerated application of expertise made sure everything launched on time, but also performed too.  We launched a multi-channel awareness and app install campaign featured digital & offline & within the 1st month, we had driven over 10,000 app downloads and it continues to optimise every week.

TigerWit’s success in the space meant that we could help the team transition towards their ultimate goal of building an in-house team to handle their ongoing needs.

Handover was smooth and effective, and the groundwork that Favoured laid at the beginning continues to be implemented to this day.


“George and his team provided a bespoke and ready-to-roll, multi-channel marketing capability – including  creative – allowing us to get to market quicker than we otherwise could have. Ongoing optimisation and support was implicit and continued after the launch phase and as we brought everything in-house.”

Tim Hughes – CEO, Tigerwit

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